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Cannot drop the publication because at least one subscription exists for this publication. Drop all subscriptions to the publication before attempting to drop the publication. If the problem persists, replication metadata might be incorrect; consult Books Online for troubleshooting information. 'Node does not exist' error during replication | Alfresco… The job only replicates certain folders in the repository. It had been running fine, and I even set up a schedule for it to run each night, in preparationThe other day I noticed that it failed with a "node does not exist" error. I tried re-running the replication job and it is now consistently giving me that error.

repmgr 3.0.4 and postgres 9.4 on ubuntu (ERROR: replication ... I'm not a DBA but I have been tasked with setting up a database and streaming replication and repmgr is the tool I have decided to use. The master goes on fine and I can see it registered in the replication slot "repmgr_slot_2" does not exist after standby ... replication slot "repmgr_slot_2" does not exist after standby clone operation #452 postgresql - How to delete replication slot in postgres 9.4 ... How to delete replication slot in postgres 9.4. Ask Question 15. 4. ... replication slot does not exist select * from pg_replication_slots returns nothing. PostgreSQL - general - wal_retrieve_retry_interval

How do I fix the message, “FATAL: could not start WAL streaming: ERROR: replication slot “geo_secondary_my_domain_com” does not exist”? This occurs when PostgreSQL does not have a replication slot for the secondary node by that name. You may want to rerun the replication process on the secondary node .

PostgreSQL logical replication happen pabulications does ... PostgreSQL logical replication happen pabulications does not exist in the change callback. ... ERROR: publication "sync_pub" does not exist CONTEXT: slot "sync_sub", output plugin "pgoutput", in the change callback, associated LSN 0/1AC2070 2019-03-00 00:00:00.000 UTC [1] LOG: background worker "logical replication worker" (PID 2811) exited ... Database · Replication · Geo · Administration · Help · GitLab Change the --slot-name to the name of the replication slot to be used on the primary database. The script will attempt to create the replication slot automatically if it does not exist. If you're repurposing an old server into a Geo secondary node, you'll need to add --force to the command line. PostgreSQL Logical Replication Gotchas - pgDash The changes are replicated “logically” – so, as long as it possible to insert a row with t.col1 and t.col2 alone, the replication process will do so. Compared to streaming replication, the logical replication feature is perfect for replicating, say, a single schema or a set of tables in a specific database to another server. Troubleshooting · Replication · Geo · Administration ...

"Dear Guru's Right now we are in an implementation of CRM5.0 with R/3 Ecc 6.0. We have set up the middleware and we are tyring to replicate BP's, but we are receiving this error ""Acct group IPSD does not exist ""..

Fatal replication slot does not exist error after sync

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PostgreSQL Source Code: src/backend/replication/slot.c ... 1082 * explicitly do *not* want to block iterating over replication_slots or 1083 * acquiring a slot we cannot take the control lock - but that's OK, 1084 * because holding ReplicationSlotAllocationLock is strictly stronger, and VTL Replication | QUADStor Systems

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10.3 Resolving Problems | EnterpriseDB Resolution: The publication does not exist for a given subscription. The subscription is no longer usable and must be removed. ... The active column indicates whether or not the replication slot is active. To deactivate an active replication slot, first stop the publication server. Create and Apply the Initial Snapshot - SQL Server ... This topic describes how to create and apply the initial snapshot in SQL Server 2017 by using SQL Server Management Studio, Transact-SQL, or Replication Management Objects (RMO). ... Expand the Replication folder, ... either the publication properties in step 2 were defined incorrectly or the publication does not exist. PostgreSQL Replication Slots - OpsDash

PostgreSQL HA with pgpool-II - Part 3 | Fat Dragon For help execute 'create_slot -h'" exit 2 fi if $debug; then echo "Debug: The script will be executed with the following arguments:" echo "Debug: --trigger-file=${trigger_file}" echo "Debug: --name=${slot_name}" if $recreate; then echo … Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10 - OpsDash Streaming replication also does not work across PostgreSQL versions. You can’t upgrade PostgreSQL versions without downtime by trying to bring up a standby with the next PostgreSQL version then failing over to it. GitHub - enova/pgl_ddl_deploy: Transparent DDL replication Transparent DDL replication using Pglogical. Contribute to enova/pgl_ddl_deploy development by creating an account on GitHub. GitHub - confluentinc/bottledwater-pg: Change data capture from